Lapwing Wireless Network

Welcome to the Lapwing Wireless Network provided by the University Computing Service!

The following are the locations in which you can access the wireless network. Please click on an organisation to learn more about it or for information on the service and how to use it please see the Lapwing support pages.

If you are an administrator of a department or a University member who wants to create visitor tickets and view details about your own institutions, then please log into the Lapwing Console.

Affiliated Institutions

Member OrganisationLocations
Kettle's Yard
Kettle's Yard on Castle Street
MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit
Main site
MRC Epidemiology Unit
MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
School of Physical Sciences (office)
Main site
Physical Education (Cambridge University Sports Centre)
Sports Centre
Fitzwilliam Museum
Hamilton Kerr Institute
Museum + #22 + #20 Trumpington Street


Member OrganisationLocations
St John's College
Gonville and Caius College
City Centre site inc. St Mike's
Mortimer Road
Harvey Court, Stephen Hawking Building, et al
Harvey Rd, Gresham Rd et al
Ext RAPs
Clare College
Newnham Road
St Regis, Chesterton Road
Old Court
Colony Site
Memorial Court, Thirkhill Court, et al
Corpus Christi College
Main site
Girton College
Main site
Wolfson Court
GC- Ash Court
Office of Intercollegiate Services
Main site
King's College
Main site
Newnham College
Pembroke College
External sites / RAPs
Main site
Robinson College
Homerton College
Peterhouse College
Hughes Hall
IT Office
Main site
Chancellors Court A
Christ's College
St Catharine's College
Main site
29 Barton Road
Darwin College
Remote sites
Emmanuel College
Downing College
Downing College
St Edmund's College
Queens' College
Norwich Street
Owlstone Croft
Main city centre site
Eltisley Avenue
Grantchester Street
Marlowe Road
Owlstone Road
Sports Ground
Cripps Building
Maid's Causeway
Panton Street
Friars' Building
Dokett Building
Trafalgar Road
Selwyn College
Main site
Sidney Sussex College
Main site
Trinity Hall
City Centre site
Thompson's Lane
Churchill College
Storey's Way main site
Trinity College
Wolfson College
Main site
Jesus College
Clare Hall
Herschel Court

Non-School Institutions

Member OrganisationLocations
University Dental Service
Main site
Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies
Language Centre
Main site
Cambridge Enterprise
Hauser Forum
Cambridge University Library
Soulsby Building
University Library
Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics
English Building
Institute of Continuing Education
Madingley Hall
University Social Club
Main site
Gates Cambridge Trust
Gates Scholarships Common Room, University Centre
Hauser Forum
ADC Theatre
ADC Theatre
University Computing Service
Redstone server room
New Museums Site car park
New Museums Site staff offices and data centres
New Museums Site cluster areas
Sidgwick Site lecture theatres
Sidgwick Site public areas
Mill Lane lecture theatres
New Museums Site lecture theatres
Market Place
Roger Needham Building (RNB)
Bus Station
Parker's Piece
University Chaplaincies
Study Centre

Theological Federation

Member OrganisationLocations
Ridley Hall
Ridley Hall
Wesley House
Main Site
Westcott House
Main Site
Westminster College
Main Site
Tyndale House
Main site

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Member OrganisationLocations
Institute of Criminology
Main site
Faculty of Economics
Austin Robinson Building
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education
Faculty of History
Main site
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Free School Lane
Mond Building
Faculty of Law
Floor 1
Ground Floor
Lecture Rooms 16,17,18,19
Floor 3
Lower Ground
Floor 2
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
Pembroke Street (Biological Anthropology)
Department on Downing Site
Museum on Downing Site
Fitzwilliam Street (Bioanth - LCHES)
Centre of African Studies
Mond Building
Centre of South Asian Studies
Lauterpacht Centre for International Law
Main site
Department of Land Economy
Silver Street
Faculty of Politics, Psychology, Sociology and International Studies
Alison Richard Building
Free School Lane / Old Cavendish Lab
Staff homes
Centre for Family Research
Mond Building
Archaeology, West Building
Centre of International Studies
Department of Biological Anthropology
Department of Social Anthropology
Free School Lane
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
17 Mill Lane
Department of Politics and International Studies
Alison Richard Building
Department of Sociology
Free School Lane

School of Physical Sciences

Member OrganisationLocations
Institute of Astronomy
Madingley Rise
Department of Physics
Cavendish Lab - other parts
Nanophotonics, Optical and Microelectronics (NOM)
Biological and Soft Systems (BSS)
Radio Astronomy on Madingley Rise
Theory of Condensed Matter (TCM)
Department of Earth Sciences
Downing Site
Brighton Building
Department of Geography
Downing Place
Isaac Newton Institute
Main site
Faculty of Mathematics
Main site
Department of Chemistry
Lensfield Road
Remote sites / staff homes
Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
West Cambridge
Scott Polar Research Institute
Main site

School of Technology

Member OrganisationLocations
Department of Engineering
Judge Business School
Department of Chemical Engineering
Computer Laboratory
William Gates Building
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Institute of Biotechnology
Magnetic Resonance Research Centre
New Museums Site

University Council Institutions

Member OrganisationLocations
Management Information Services Division
Cambridge Trusts above Trailfinders
Gravel Hill Farm
Rolls Royce building
Gates Cambridge Trust office, King's Parade
Old Schools
Greenwich House
Development Office (CUDO)
Merton Hall Farm
Admissions Office (CAO) @ 32 Trumpington Street
Human Resources @ 25 Trumpington Street
Temporary for APs in unknown locations
Accommodation Service, Kellet Lodge
Estate Management at Laundry Farm
Estate Management on Trumpington Street
Old Press Site inc. 17 Mill Lane
Investment Office, London
Cambridge University Students' Union
Arts School
Estate Management
Babbage Lecture Theatre
Arts School Lecture Theatres
Cambridge University Graduate Union
Main site
Facilities Management
University Centre, Mill Lane
Hauser Forum
Careers Service
Mill Lane
University Farm
Cambridge University Press

School of Arts and Humanities

Member OrganisationLocations
Faculty of English
English Building
Faculty of Philosophy
Raised Faculty Building
Staff homes
Faculty of Classics
Faculty of Classics
Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
AMES building
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
Raised Faculty Building
Staff homes / remote sites
Faculty of Divinity
Faculty of Divinity
Faculty of Music
West Road
Remote sites / staff homes

School of Biological Sciences

Member OrganisationLocations
Department of Biochemistry
Sanger Building
Hopkins Building
Gurdon Institute
Gurdon Institute
Department of Genetics
Genetics building
Department of Pharmacology
Tennis Court Road
Department of Plant Sciences
Downing Site
Department of Experimental Psychology
Downing Site
Innes Building
Botanic Garden
Botanic Garden
University Biomedical Support Services
Main Site
Department of Vetinary Medicine
Vet School
Department of Pathology
Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
Downing Site
Huntingdon Road
Innes Building
Sainsbury Laboratory
Department of Zoology
Animal Behaviour
New Museums Site
Centre for Stem Cell Research
BP Institute

External bodies

Member OrganisationLocations

School of Clinical Medicine

Member OrganisationLocations
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
Main site
Bioresource centre
Coton House
Department of Psychiatry
Douglas House
Addenbrooke s L4
Clinical School Workshops
Workshops, Addenbrooke's
Developmental Psychiatry
Douglas House
Clinical Research Facility
Central Biomedical Services
Main site
Department of Haematology
National Blood Service building
Clinical School Computing Service
Clinical School Building
Staff homes
Clinical School Seminar Rooms
Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Clinical School Building
Brain Repair Centre
E D Adrian Building
Institute of Public Health
West Forvie Site
CEDAR (Centre for Diet and Activity Research)
Department of Radiology
Addenbrooke s L5
Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre
Main site
Clinical Skills Unit
Deakin Centre, Addenbrooke's
Clinical Trials Unit
Department of Paediatrics
Department of Public Health & Primary Care
Strangeways Research Lab
Department of Surgery
L4, Orthopaedic Research
Institute of Metabolic Science
Medical Library
Clinical School Building
Bone Research L6
ACCI L6, Clinical Pharmacology
A Block L5 & L6
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Department of Medical Genetics
Level 6